Winxp Area

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Windows XP Stuff - This section is dedicated to all things Windows XP Related - (private area)
Operating Systems Updates
Windows Installer Service 4.5 Update for windows xp. PlexMediaServer 9.9.14 requires this
Internet | Web Browsers
Google Chrome Chrome v49.0.2623 32-bit (Last XP version available)
Vivaldi Vivaldi 1.0.435.42 (32-bit) - Windows XP web browser based on Chromium
Internet | Messaging
Facebook Messanger 3.0 Message Facebook friends without using a web browser - This thing is a HUGE resource hog and not worth it
Multimedia | Servers
Plex Media Server 0.9.914.513 Last version of Plex Media Server for Windows XP
Utilities | System Enhancements
WinSplit Revolution 11.04 WinSplit Revolution Lets you use screen splitting with key combinations like Windows 7,8,10
Utilities | Backup
SyncBackFree v7.5.19.0 Very very nice backup / sync / mirror software
Utilities | File Management
Bulk Rename Utility v3.0.0.1 EXCELLENT file renaming utility
Utilities | Miscellaneous
WinDiskIager 0.9.5 Write ISO & IMG files to USB drives - Last version to support XP
Acronis Drive Monitor Acronis Drive Monitor v1.0 Build 566 - Great utility for monitoring the health of a hard drive
Startup Delayer Startup Delayer v3.0b366 - Letes you delay the starup of some services and programs to speed up booting to desktop