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DOS Stuff - This page is dedicated to all things DOS related
DOS Operating Systems
Microsoft DOS 6.22 MS-DOS 6.22 including the Supplemental disk

Nothing here yet.
PKZIP 2.04g Last version to support ONLY real mode
PKZIP 2.50 This version supports DOS real mode AND protected mode
ARJ 2.41a ARJ 2.41 Copyright (c) 1990-93 Robert K Jung. Jun 03 1993
ARJ 2.75a ARJ 2.75a
ARJ ARJ 2.81
LHA 2.13 LHA 2.13
LHA 2.55E LHA 2.55e by: Hitoshi Ozawa - Release 1996/01/10
RAR 2.06 RAR 2.06
ZOO 2.10 ZOO 2.10
ARC 6.02 ARC 6.02
File Managers
UFO v96 This is my favorite dos file manager. A traditional Norton Commander clone, it supports long filenames and has Win9x support.
System Utilities
Reboot Restart your computer from DOS prompt. (Use this when ctrl-alt-del doesn't work on your keyboard for some reason)
ANSI Plus v4.06 The ANSIPLUS enhanced console device driver improves the console interface for command sessions under Windows and for legacy DOS-based systems. It does this by integrating major console elements missing from the command shell environment of DOS/Windows into a single compact device driver that can easily be controlled and personalized.
DOSidle v2.10 Use this to keep your DOS virtual machine from eating up all your CPU time.
VMware Drivers
AMD PCnet Drivers for DOS networking in VMware
Ethernet Drivers
DFE-690TXD Drivers for the DFE-690TXD PCMCIA ethernet adapter. This archive includes drivers for DOS, and all version of Windows through XP
Mouse Drivers
Nothing Here Yet
USB Drivers
DUSE 4.4 DUSE version 4.4
DUSE 4.9 DUSE version 4.9
USBASPI v2.2 Panasonic USB ASPI - Usage: device=X:\USBASPI.SYS /w /v
NetBoot v6.5 Awesome boot disk for connecting to a Microsoft network (has 95 various ethernet drivers). This is a must have!