[Win 3.1 Section]

DOS Win 3.1 Win 95 Win 98 Win 2k Win XP Mac OSX Classic MAC
Amiga Apple IIGS Atari 8-bit C= 64 C= 128 TI 99/4a Tandy COCO3 Mattel Aquarius
Operating System Updates
Update | Win 3.x & WfW 3.11
W31Y2KUP.EXE Windows 3.1 ONLY - This updated Winfile.exe should replace the existing file to fix issues with year 2000 dates being garbled.
WFW 3.11 File Manager Update This update fixes problems with dates later than 2000
-- Web Browsers [Internert]
Netscape 4.0.8 Netscape Navigator 4.08 - Standalone browser for Windows 3.1
IE 3.03 SP1 Microsoft's internet explorer 3.03 service pack 1 full
-- VMware [Drivers]
VMware SVGA Patch for Windows 3.1 - see readme file inside archive.
-- Ethernet [Drivers]
DFE530-TX D-Link DFE530-TX Ethernet Drivers (PCI 10/100 NIC) for WfW 3.11 / Win95 / DOS / Netware / Win NT 3.51-4.0
-- Video [Drivers]
S3 Trio 64 With these drivers and a video card with 4MB RAM you can get 1280x1024 resolution. These work especially well with PCem.
Hardware Specific
-- Logitech Scanman
FotoTouch 1.3 Version 1.3 of FotoTouch for Logitech HandHeld Scanners.
ScanMan Update Complete TWAIN DataSource for all Logitech Handheld Scanners (with the exception of the new ScanMan Color 2000). This update resolves the error message "Insufficient Resources".
-- IOmega Zip & Jazz Drives
Iomega 5.4 Tools for Windows 3.x ZIP and JAZZ Drives.