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Classic Macintosh 68K - This section is dedicated software and files for the 680x0 series Macintosh computers running System 6.0.x - Mac OS 8.1
Applications | Graphics
Graphics Converter 1.7.9 Nice light graphics conversion progtam - System 7 or later
Graphics Converter 4.1 Name: GraphicConverter | Serial: GC99-FZAFSK-PUU
SnapZ Pro 2.0 SnapZ is a great program for screen capture. This version is a little heavy for 68k Macs but is totally useable
Drivers | Printer
LaserWriter Driver 8.5.1 (Mac OS 7.5-7.6.1) These drivers support printing to a network LPD printer
LaserWriter Driver 8.6 (Mac OS 7.6-8.1) These drivers support printing to a network LPD printer
Fetch (FTP) 3.0.3 (.hqx) Great FTP Client. Might be the last free version
iCab 2.99b(.sit) Best WWW Browser there is for 68k Macs
Hotline Client v1.23 (68k) Name: macintosh | s/n: AQNRSOKYRNSDGC
Updates & Patches
MacTCP 2.1 Update Unofficial but very welcome patch for MacTCP that fixes quite a few bugs
QuickTime 4.03 (68k) You'll need this for SnapZ Pro 2.0 Under MacOS 8.1 (Name: Apple | Registration code: 10DB-C756-8A9C-A85C-DEAD)
MODE 32 Disabler for MacOS 7.5.3 Honestly, I can't remember if this is the enabler or disabler. If you have a ROMinator for the Mac/SE30 you might want either.
Appearance Extension This is NOT the full Appearance Manager like OS 8.1+ has, it's an API extensions for System 7.5.x - 7.6.1 that will allow some programs like ShadowIRC run
Utilities | Appearance
Kaleidoscope 2.3.1 US This is an appearance changer that was very popular for System 7.x
Utilities | CD / DVD
Virtual CD/DVD v1.02 Utility for mounting .iso / .img / .toast images. I had to run this on System 7.5.3r2 (Performa 640CD) before 1.0d3 would work
Virtual CD/DVD v1.03d Utility for mounting .iso / .img / .toast images. Most recent version as of 2/26/2021
Alternate Virtual CD/DVD AutoTyper Alternate AutoTyper for Virtual CD/DVD - Drop and ISO on this and it makes it automounting
Utilities | Compression & Archiving
BinHex 5.0 BinHex 5.0 is the successor to BinHex 4.0 (.hqx) - BinHex 5.0 extensions end in .bin and BinxHex 4.0 end in .hqx
Stuffit Expander 5.5 (.img) Needed for pretty much anything you get from the internet
Stuffit Expander 5.5 (.bin) Needed for pretty much anything you get from the internet
ResEdit 2.1.3 very powerful utility so I'm told.
ISO CD Images
Apple Legacy Recovery CD for 68k Macs This is a must have resource for classic Macs
Wallpapers (Lo-Res stuff)
Retro TV Old TV wallpaper I kinda liked