ThinkPad A30
This page is dedicated to the IBM ThinkPad A30. My particular A30 is a PIII-M 933 with a ATI Radeon 7000 w/16MB RAM.

Windows 2000 Drivers Specific to ThinkPad A30
Video Windows 2000 Video Driver for the ThinkPad A30. Self-Extracing (ATI Mobility Radeon)
Audio Windows 2000 Audio Drivers for the ThinkPad A30 - (Cirrus Logic) Self-Extracting.
Ethernet Intel Pro100/VE - You have to dig down into the win2k directory, the setup program doesn't find the driver
Chipset Intel Chipset Drivers for IBM ThinkPad A30 - Self-Extracting
Modem Agere Systems AC'97 Modem driver (Win 2000/xp) for ThinkPad A30
SpeedStep Intel SpeedStep power management application for Windows 2000 (ThinkPad A30)
Power Management ACPI Power Management driver for Windows 2000 (ThinkPad A30)
TrackPoint Windows 2000 Track Point driver for ThinkPad A30
ThinkPad A30 AIO 600MB All-in-One self extracting archive. Contains all the Win2k drivers and SP5.1 + Roll-Ups. Also includes Win2k drivers for Linksys WPC54G PCMCIA Wifi adapter.

Below are instructions and software to deal with specific hardware and situations related to the ThinkPad A30.
Special Hardware Instructions and Software
Windows 2000 will not install when more than 512MB RAM is installed. When you try to install with more RAM, you will get random errors trying to copy files from the install CD. Install with 512MB RAM and then add the extra 512MB afterwards.
Linksys (Cisco) WPC54G (802.11 b/g) PCMCIA Wifi Adapter
WPC54Gv3_V1[1].0.4.4, This is the version 3 driver. Although my hardware version is 1.2, this driver works fine.
R76521na.EXE Dell wLan software.
Below is some really good information I found on a forum post that help me get WPA2 working with a LinkSys WPC54G v1.2. The CD that came with the PCMCIA Wifi adapter only supported WEP.